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July 10, 2014 at 9:46pm

With 12 on the board, here is my prediction for the final 8.

1) Harris- Looks like he's the RB. Will be interesting to see where Weber ends up with Scott going sparty and Harris trending tOSU.

2) Burrell- Sounds like The Opening helped our cause.

3) Wilkins- need a DT, sounds like Wilkins and Gallimore are the top two guys, and we have been in on Wilkins for longer.

4) Kirk- This is going to come down to the wire with TAMU. After watching the opening, this is the guy I want most left on the board.

5) Peete- My gut tells me Jefferson will commit elsewhere. Peete fills in nicely.

6) Allen- I see two more OL in the class. Allen has been trending our way.

7) Sweat- Dream scenario here. I think Sweat is the best player in the class. Hopefully we put a hurting on V-Tech, as they are the big competition.

8) Whitehead- I see another DB in the class. Not sure who it will be. Maybe Roundtree, but I think we end up with another CB.

I see this class anywhere from 18-22. Thoughts?

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