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Best defensive recruiting class ever?

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June 30, 2014 at 5:12pm

A guy on Bucknuts posted this question and I wanted to get feedback from some of you guys over here on this subject.

I'm going to add on to his question. If Ohio State landed Baker, Cornell, and Hilliard within the next couple of weeks, then finished this class off with Sweat, Wilkins, Gallimore, and Roundtree, would this be Ohio State's best defensive recruiting class ever?

DL- Jones, Gallimore, Wilkins, Cornell, Sweat
LB- Hilliard, Connor, Baker
DB- Ward, Green, Roundtree, Dean

This is strictly based on recruiting rankings and not production on the field. I haven't been following recruiting as long as some of you guys have, so I wanted to see what some of you thought about this.

Would love for the staff to chime in as well if they can.

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