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First Recruiting Rant of the Year

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April 20, 2014 at 7:55am

With Bama getting 3 big recruits in one day, Auburn stealing one of ours, and us getting no active commits since Jamel Dean way back in December, I feel as though I need to rant. For those who say "it's only April don't" or "in Urban we trust" or something along those lines, keep telling yourself that. Just realize, at this point last year we had 7 recruits already committed including Damon Webb, one of our biggest commits. And two years ago, we had 10 commits including big hauls from Ezekiel Elliot and Marcus Baugh (who hadn't visited OSU as a recruit at that point). I must also point out that the much inferior Michigan team has 5 commits right now, Sparty has 4 (one who should be in jail right now), State Penn has 12 (4 with OSU offers), and Butch Jones led Tennessee (who offers everyone so Idk if they should count) has 11 commits. Slow and steady wins the race but, we are abnormally slow right now. We don't have a class leader. We don't have a commit that is contacting these other guys and trying to bring them on board. Both of our commits are very good, but we need a guy who is going to contact other recruits and build a friendship. I think having one of those types of players, regardless of star rankings, is just as important as pulling in a big name recruit. 

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