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Are We Our Own Worst Enemies

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December 2, 2023 at 7:41am

This started as a comment in another thread but I’m not sure that thread is being read anymore and I’d like to get this out there because I think it’s something we need to consider and discuss here at this site. This was my comment;

“I’ll add that we are our own worst enemy when it comes to our teams national perception. We (many of us) act like our own team sucks whenever we lose so it’s quite easy to treat us that way.  We have such a vocal contingent that thinks our whole self worth is based on Michigan game that we open the door for others to demean us as well when we fail.  If we think our team sucks why would anyone else see it differently?  We supposedly know our team better than anyone else right?  We should not have dropped so far after that loss, Bama wouldn’t have in same situation but Bama fans wouldn’t be bemoaning how much they suck and running for the exits after a season ending loss to say Georgia. They’d be looking for a chance to get ‘em the next time, hopefully in few weeks.  We have such a sizable and vocal contingent that literally hangs their whole self worth on a Michigan win that when it doesn’t happen everyone else says … “okay I guess you guys are t as good as we thought”

We can’t spend a weekend crying amongst ourselves how shitty we are and then be surprised when someone else says “ Maybe we should drop them 4 places, they aren’t what we thought they were” It’s a strange dynamic.  And to the people who are wondering why no one in media is saying Oregon has a Washington problem, it’s because no one in Oregon program is saying they have a Washington problem, yet former tBuckeye players and a third of the fan base are openly saying we DO have a Michigan problem and want to get rid of Day because of it.  We wont have people respecting our team in spite of our Michigan outcome when sizable portions of our own group do not. 
Wake up guys!!  “


Full disclosure. I am not casting aspersions solely at others because I get very negative when our guys aren’t playing well.  I’ve walked out of stadium twice before two of our biggest comebacks (Kenny G/Purdue and 2017 PSU). I also have left the room many times in recent years and  “gone for a walk”when the tide seems to be turning against the Bucks. I have a difficult time watching the loss happen in real time, especially in games I’ve spent weeks in anticipation. I can accept it bettter if I didn’t watch it happen for some reason.   I say this to point out I’m not some eternal,optimist about our Bucks.  I’m one of the worst in real time in fact… always certain I will be disappointing again…. It’s a curse of my 50+ yrs of fandom living through Woodys decline as teenager/early college and then the Cooper years as a young father.  We’ve had MANY disappointing outcomes in my time because we’ve played in a lot of meaningful games!!  In Cooper years I usually anticipated a bowl game and thought we would win, with a few exceptions. Most of my buddies over the years would have accused me of being a homer (when not watching the game happen) because I always argued Ohio States case even after losses, but Im realizing after living in CBus for the only time in my life (2017-2022) and frequenting OSU websites that we are a fan base that just wants to see our negatives and hang everything on the Michigan game…… and I think it’s to our detriment 

Go Bucks!!

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