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Changes to "The Game" Heading into 2024?

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November 28, 2023 at 11:49am

Michigan Alum here.  Super appreciate you allowing me to post on 11W so soon after "The Game." 

I had the privilege to be there Saturday, and while my allegiance was obviously not Scarlet/Grey, I couldn't help but feel a little sad at the notion I was watching the last moments of the rivalry, as we know it, playing out.  To me, "The Game" in its current form is the single greatest American sporting event. Bar none. Nothing fuels the passion and venom we feel each November.  And next year, this likely changes.  Never again will we witness these matchups where literally everything is on the line all at once:  A CFP invite, a B1G championship, Conference Division titles, and the singular, regular-season focus all year on your enemy to the south or north.  Now we suffer a dilution of rivalries by virtue of the super-conference format.  Next year begins a new era in college football.  And sadly, so too begins a new era to "The Game."  Because of this, I'm wondering if we can't modernize "The Game" a bit.  A couple tweaks might keep enhance the regular season matchup:

  • Home colors for both teams (a la USC/UCLA).  There's no reason NOT to do it
  • Under the lights every year. The B1G can move this game to NBC which owns the 7:30pm slot per the media rights deal.  A night game every year would be a blockbuster event
  • Move "The Game" back a month.  There's no longer a compelling reason for this to be the last game other than legacy.  This avoids the potential of back-to-back games against each other, or the resting of players in anticipation of the "real" matchup in the conference finals

I understand college football is a business.  But the B1G (and ONLY the B1G) currently controls the greatest asset in sports.  Given the massive changes happening next year, it's time "The Game" secures its future.

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