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Comment 20 Nov 2016

Thank you for the well-thought out coMMentary, OH.  Although to be fair -- I'M not really sure how I'M "trying to Make nice" as you would have it.  But I'M all for intelligent, if Misguided banter.  So here goes:

When referencing the past 10 years, I was speaking specifically of the RichRod/Hoke era (nine years, in actuality).  From Michigan's standpoint, how can one expect to be competition to anyone (let alone one's rival) while trotting out the college coaching equivalent of pipe wadding.  A team is a direct reflection of its leadership, I'm sure you'd agree.  Your referencing the last 20 years in terms of wins and losses is exactly my point.  With respect, it's a nice footnote to review the last 20 years.  But in no way affects the build up to each respective year's game.

Regarding Sparty, we have our own thing based on the Mike Hart "little brother" comment, and then Dantonio's "pride comes before the fall" response, which seems to have been the very moment the rivalry shifted.  The parody we have with Ohio State is one thing which is a sort of "symbiotic" thing.  There exists no such parody with Sparty, who (Michigan arrogance or not) we don't consider even the same stratosphere as that of #HateWeek.

Comment 20 Nov 2016

Full disclosure, I'm a Michigan alum and lifelong Michigan fan.  So read everything below through whatever lens you choose to apply:

What I love most about this rivalry is the way it makes me feel.  Any Simon Sinek fans out there?  Sinek explains that we become fanatical, not about the "what" or "how" of something, but rather the "why."  The feeling it gives us each time.  I can't speak for everyone reading this, but I'd be willing to bet most of you feel emotional about this game.  Is it too dramatic to suggest that many of us trace this moment back to our childhoods, when those we love would help us to understand the enormity of this rivalry.  The passion behind it.  And maybe even what it says about us as a community of fans dedicated to a common enemy.  I love it for that, first and foremost.  Yes it's two teams on the field.  But it transforms us, as well.

​Because of this, and with respect, I don't buy for a second the idea of pity for Michigan.  I offer no apology that during the Cooper years, us in the Mitten delighted at our dominance.  We enjoyed every moment at your staff's inability to solve the Michigan riddle, and while we knew it was only a matter of time before parody was restored, I can't remember a moment when I found myself feeling sorry for the Buckeyes.  Similarly, these past 10 years have been the worst of my fandom.  I don't want to go too far down the rabbit hole of "why" Michigan has been non-competitive (nice way of putting it), but it's sufficed to say the administration has a majority share of the blame for not "doing what was necessary" to ensure a Michigan caliber product.  The result was the RichRod/Hoke era, which should be studied in MBA programs on how to fail in building a foundation of winning.  And yet, even with the pathetic displays of recent Michigan teams, I would not expect a single, solitary, moment of pity from Buckeye fans.  Without even reading a blog or looking at a paper, I knew then as I know now that Buckeyes have every right to delight in our misery.  It's what makes this rivalry great.  It's what makes it special.  Pity is for others.

​Lastly, this is one of the few rivalries in sports where the record literally is meaningless.  Literally.  Meaningless.   If you put metrics behind the % of how happy I am beating Ohio State when we're both unranked versus that same metric when we're #1 versus #2, it's exactly the same.  In my house, here's the ranking:  #1 Beat OSU, #2 Win the B1G, #3 Beat Sparty, and #'s 4 through 10, see #1.  I'm guessing it looks similar in your house too, although you probably hate Sparty a little less than we do.  (On a side note, Dantonio is a little bitch).

​Pity is for the weak.  Pity is for the foolish.  Pity is reserved for people who don't understand this rivalry, and why it's the absolute best rivalry in all of sports.  It's #HateWeek.  May we all feel nothing but hatred and disdain for our rival.

Comment 19 Oct 2016

Michigan alum here.  Just wanted to tell you all, I've always felt welcomed here and truly appreciate this site since I share a love and respect for college football -- particularly the greatest rivalry in sports.  I also am an unapologetic fan of Woody Hayes, from whom I base so much of my business acumen around.  I adored Woody (and Bo who sprung from him with the same discipline).

I'm also not pandering to the crowd when I tell you that I find this site significantly more welcoming to contrasting opinions and commentary.  So long as people aren't being douches, it's all in good fun.  Life is too short to be a douche, anyway.

Thank you for letting me be a part of your community here.  I truly love and appreciate you guys.

Comment 17 Oct 2016

Dantonio has to be hating life right now. 

- Loses Narduzzi

- Loses Cook

- Loses Defensive leadership

- Losing in-state recruits to Harbaugh

- About to lose to both Ohio State/Michigan

Dude has nothing to look forward to, and will leave MSU talking about "disrespekt."


Comment 09 Oct 2016

This is so ridiculous and absurd that I'm wondering if we're missing something.  Maybe it wasn't really the band.  Maybe it was some kind of auxiliary "excess" band -- like the ones who aren't part of the real band?  No way they did this.

How can it be????

Comment 07 Oct 2016

It's easy to put Michigan outside the top 4 in both the current poll, and CFP poll, since all the prognosticators know they have to play tOSU final game of the regular season, at the Shoe no less.

It's always fun til sh*t gets real...

Comment 05 Oct 2016

Was going to write something very similar.  This is the first season since the advent of Fantasy Football that I'm not in a league.  I, too, used to calculate wins & losses using the Thursday edition of USA Today.  Crazy how far its come.  And I can say with zero uncertainty that I'm actually happier this season than any I can remember.  And that's because the NFL sucks now.  And I'm a Lions fan, so there's that too.

All my love for football exists on Saturday.

Comment 28 Sep 2016

Respectfully, there is no way Michigan isn't a top 10 coaching job.  Recent history aside, it's has everything you want in a top job, including the money,  Your comment regarding recent recruiting against tOSU and sparty are true, but has no impact on the coaching rationale.  It has always recruited against Ohio State, and has always gotten its players.

I'm all for dishing out the disrespect.  But lets also be real.

Comment 27 Sep 2016

Yeah, "location" is merely a reflection of how desirable the location is to visit (which impacts recruiting and livability).  Have you ever been to Tallahassee?  It's like living on the sun, a thousand miles from anywhere good.  It is NOT a destination job, for sure.  Bama is only slightly better from that perspective.  If you've ever been to Tuscaloosa, you'd absolutely agree with me.  Columbus and Ann Arbor are WAYY better towns to live in and enjoy a reasonable quality of life.  Not even close, actually.

Comment 27 Sep 2016

My highly technical evaluation:

1.  tOSU -- Tradition (10), Fanbase (10), Facilities (10), Location (8), Conference (8)

2.  USC -- Tradition (8), Fanbase (8), Facilities (9), Location (11), Conference (7)

3.  Michigan -- Tradition (10), Fanbase (10) Facilities (10), Location (7), Conference (8)

4.  LSU -- Tradition (7), Fanbase (9), Facilities (10), Location (7), Conference (9)

5.  'Bama -- Tradition (10), Fanbase (8), Facilities (10), Location (6), Conference (9)

6.  FSU -- Tradition (7), Fanbase (9), Facilities (8), Location (6), Conference (7)

7.  Texas -- Tradition (7), Fanbase (8), Facilities (10), Location (9), Conference (6) -- (extra value) Longhorn Network

8.  Notre Dame -- Tradition (10), Fanbase (9), Facilities (10), Location (6), Conference (0)

9.  Florida -- Tradition (7), Fanbase (6), Facilities (9), Location (8), Conference (9)

10.  Clemson -- Tradition (7), Fanbase (7), Facilities (8), Location (8), Conference (7)

Comment 27 Sep 2016

Just keep winning, baby.  Polls are seriously meaningless at this point.  It's also very likely a B1G or SEC team gets into the dance with a loss.

Looooong way to go.

Comment 18 Sep 2016

He's definitely the OSU MVP for now. No way the Buckeyes are this dangerous without him.  

Lamar Jackson is the national MVP for now, I'd assume.  And it miight not be popular to say, but Peppers could make the same claim for Michigan.  He's having a hell of a year. 

Comment 29 Aug 2016

I seriously think ESPN "game plans" the moronic things they say at this point.  Anything to drive clicks and viewership towards a manufactured drama which nobody either believes or cares about.  UFM's worst nightmare?  When did Corso become the Iraqi Minister of Information?

Let's talk about football, dear god.....

Comment 20 Aug 2016

Spent three days in Calgary in -35 (which is almost the temperature where Celsius and Fahrenheit are the same).  It was so cold, the inside of my nose froze on a five minute walk between buildings.  My nuts were up in my chin.  When it's that cold, everything shuts off except your brain screaming at you.

Bad as that was -- dinner with my mother in law is worse, and colder.

Comment 08 Aug 2016

First job out of school was selling long distance services (dating myself here).  Sold the service going door to door in office buildings.  Had a Buckeye boss who would demand to see how many business cards I had at the end of each day.  Nice enough dude, but he was ruthless if any of us had less than 35 cards, and would expect us to be able to talk about each interaction.  Half the reps would go to restaurants just to grab a handful of business cards out of the free-lunch fishbowl at the register.  Rough 18 months in that job, though I will admit I learned a ton, and still use stories from that job in my career as a Senior Vice President today -- 25 years later.

Comment 08 Aug 2016

It wasn't that long ago this board ridiculed Michigan for essentially being tOSU's campsite dump-hole for going on a decade and a half.  And with good reason.  Them sucking like a first day prison suburbanite didn't help Ohio State (or the greater B1G) in any meaningful way.  Besides -- this rivalry was starting to really be sad, wasn't it?  And that takes some doing.

RichRod was interesting, but handled the alumni and media like a West Virginian "Veruca Salt."  Hoke was the better Michigan-man.  Unfortunately for everyone, he set that program back another five with the damage he caused.  Pathetic.

So now we watch the rebirth (again) under Harbaugh.  The difference is - this one is for real.  We all knew it was when the hire was announced.  So why is anyone complaining?  UFM finally has the competition he needs to fuel an awesome rivalry and push tOSU into competing with perennial powerhouses like 'Bama and LSU.  Is Michigan ready for the playoffs?  Until they beat tOSU (and how about Sparty) I find these projections ridiculous. 

Michigan is getting good -- no doubt about it.  But they're not ready -- yet.

Comment 02 Feb 2016

(in order)

1.  Almost Famous

2.  American Beauty

3.  Godfather 2

4.  Outlaw Josey Wales

5.  Anchorman

Comment 02 Feb 2016

Was with you on your first two -- but I cannot support your last three.

Still, I upvoted you purely for American Beauty, which is in my Top 3.