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Birm: During the Halftime Walk To the Tunnel, Nobody Said a Word Besides Jack Sawyer

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November 27, 2023 at 6:00pm

earlier today, Birm said that he was in the tunnel after the first half finished, and not a single player (other than a fleeting comment by Sawyer) said a word walking to the locker room, just quiet and seemingly nervous.

I find that ridiculous. Im not sure why that is, if it specific to the coaching, to the guys being more mild mannered, or just not being confident... but I find it ridiculous.

Im the same age as most of the upper-classmen on this team, so it isnt a generational thing either, so I dont understand.

I made a comment in the recruiting forum that some agreed with, and some disagreed with, that I think OSU needs to recruit some guys with a bit more edge to them. Some vocal leaders, guys that stand up and make people want to play with them, would do this program good. Coaches cannot provide the only energy, players need it to provide it themselves too.

^ go watch this video of Curtis Grant in 2014. look at the way he is addressing the team.

Yes, I know it is a Zach Smith podcast, but I could not find the Curtis speech by itself anywhere else.

I do not see our current starting Linebackers wanting to up the energy like this. Talent aside, this brings players together.

All in my opinion.

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