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Ryan Day is Awesome and the 6 Losses Prove It..

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November 27, 2023 at 5:41pm

I have been saying it loud and clear, we need to appreciate Ryan Day for what he has done and is doing. Some of you get all down on him after a tough loss, I get it, but I offer you this statistic — that I did in my head and think is accurate.

Calculate the records of the 6 teams that Day has lost to — the day after they beat Ohio State.

Clemson 14-0 — lost on a last second miscommunication after terrible officiating.

Oregon 3-0 — Stroud’s 3rd game and Kerry Coumbs…

Alabama 12-0 — important players out with COVID and no one was beating that Bama team.

Michigan 11-1 — cheated.

Michigan 12-0 — cheated.

Georgia 14-0 —- Great game, terrible officiating, came down to a field goal.

Michigan 12-0 — great game, a few mistakes cost us.

Ryan Day has lost to 6 teams with a combined record of 78-1 the day after they best Ohio State! That is incredible and many of those games came down to one play. The only statistic this eye-popping may be JJ Mccarthy’s QBR with and without Stallions.

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