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Comment 08 Oct 2017

On the targeting call against Arnette (the right call on a cheap shot), that play happened on third down. I believe there was a holding penalty on Maryland which we declined to bring up fourth down. After that, instant replay took over and brought the targeting call. If instant replay can bring a penalty back into a play, shouldn’t we have the ability to go back and accept the penalty to make the penalties offset or at least make the net penalty yards 5 instead of fifteen if the targeting is a dead ball foul? Yesterday it made no difference, against a real team, it may. 

Comment 19 Aug 2014
Barrett in to manage the game and play it safe. Cardayle in to snowplow on short yardage. Sound familiar? Chris Leak and Tim Tebow.
Comment 04 Feb 2012

Wow, what a game! The crew and I watched from the Chaos room aboard the Steve Irwin. Now, we will all adhere to our biweekly personal hygeine upkeep lessons that we learned from Brady the Hoke.