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Could Kamryn Babb Be a Significant Playoff Contributor?

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December 7, 2022 at 9:51pm

Am I just dreaming about this?

It will be roughly 8 weeks since the Indiana game to the Peach Bowl.  Is that enough time for him to have progressed past the brace he was wearing and will he be able to endure longer playing time?

I know that the 4 ACL injuries make it doubtful that he will ever be 100%, but that was still an impressive route he ran against Indiana for the TD, brace and all.

If there was a mega emotional spark this team can rally around, I would love it to be seeing Babb make some big plays for us against UGA.  I'm thinking he may be playing with nothing else to lose.    Stroud and the team have raved about his abilities and potential, so would love for this to be an epic story if it all works out without jeopardizing his health.


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