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Who Was on the Field During the 5 Explosive Plays

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December 6, 2022 at 3:16pm

Heard many mention about not playing the best players this year. I know Coach Knowles was not a fan preseason about rotations. Was curious where do I find the rotation in regards to the defense during the Game.

I was at The Game and not interested in going back to re-watch. My question, what players were on the field defensively during the 5 explosive plays during The Game ? Is there a specific film we as fans don't have access to because even when watching at home it is hard to tell who is on the field. 

Was the defense always Cover 0 ? Were the plays due too mis-tackles ? Poor gap maintenance ? [I know the first one was a Cam Brown whiff] Who/where was the point of attack and did they attack one particular player specifically. I know on the TD by the TE the 2 defenders appeared to block each other out.

Not trying to call anyone out just curious. Several podcasts have the hosts ranting about the defensive line rotation. Do we have a liability on the defensive line ? I thought going into the season this was our strength.  Thanks in advance for answering.

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