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Subjective/Objective Expectations For The UGA Game

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December 6, 2022 at 11:59am

This should be a fun exercise where the point of the post is completely ignored about two comments in, I'm sure.

The goal here is to post your subjective, scarlet-colored expectations for the UGA game, as well as your best attempt at an objective, outsider guess about how this game will go.


Ohio State and Ryan Day learned a lot of tough lessons in the Michigan game about what does and does not work when playing teams of similar caliber. Coach Day takes those lessons to heart and unleashes the playbook in ways we haven't seen all year.

UGA has a stellar run defense and leaky pass defense, but we have the horses to compete against their defense. We start the game with some failed runs but also pick apart the center of the field with quick slants to Egbuka and Harrison, as well as delayed routes with Stover. This brings the safeties up and forces UGA to stop pinning their ears back and getting after Stroud and that allows a couple of big pass plays which opens things up for the offense. Red Zone scoring is still a concern but a healthy Miyan and Chip are able to pound it in.

On defense our #1 goal is to cover their TEs. Bowers is the name-brand but Washington is a mismatch against every single person on our defense. McConkey is a shifty kid who catches extremely well so our corners will be tested. I actually think our defense has a tougher matchup than our offense, especially due to Bennett's scrambling ability.

We shut down Bowers, mostly, but McConkey goes for 150 and a TD due to our cornerback play. Their running game is good but our rush defense plays well and they are forced to pass. Bennett is a true gamer but we are able to pressure him enough he makes mistakes.

Bucks win a close one: 32-28


UGA is the best team in the country for a reason and they don't have anyone playing at their level right now. They have a weak pass defense, but significantly weaker defenses than theirs have slowed down/stopped our offense this year.

Stroud is pressured all day by UGA's front seven and can't get comfortable, while Harrison is the only receiver he focuses on which leads to at least one INT. Our running game sputters due to our line not getting push against UGA.

We score points due to some big passing plays but can't sustain drives or score in the red zone. UGA is a Michigan with better athletes, coaching, and discipline. All of the issues we had against Michigan will be highlighted and exacerbated as a result. Day tries some trick plays but they are unsuccessful due to our perimeter blocking issues and it results in him trying his same tricks consistently.

On defense we pay well the first half but UGA has too many weapons with their TEs and receivers making big plays against a terrible secondary. It opens up their offense and Bennett is able to run for big yardage on plays where we maintain coverage successfully. Our cornerbacks are simply a liability and they are able to pick us apart.

UGA wins this one: 42-17


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