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Hand the Ball to the Official - Revisited

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November 30, 2022 at 6:06pm

In this article from Dec 2018, there are 10 things (with details in the link) that Ryan needs to do to be successful. How do you guys think he did on these 10 things? Anything you would add knowing what you know now?

1.) Unsure - Learn about our rivalry and why Urban's respect for Michigan is so high.
I would say no based on results, but I don't know him personally, so I will give it an unsure. Did any of you hear of him bringing in former Buckeyes to talk to the team about UM history?
2.) No - Hand the ball to the official.
This is a definite no.
3.) Yes - Make the tough decisions.
He made quick work on the defensive coaches last year. This is a strong yes.
4.) Yes - Let the kids have fun, build comradery.
This is 100% yes.
5.) Yes - Recruit Ohio
He's done an good job recruiting Ohio, 6-7 a year. He can do better, but maybe it is less talent in Ohio right now. The 2002 and 2014 champions had about 12 Ohio starters. This years team the ohio starters are only Zach, Cade, Eich, and Paris Johnson. Miyan started a few & Sawyer one game.
6.) Yes - Win the games you are supposed to.
Yes, no question, he wins every game against the lesser teams.
7.) Yes & No - Do fun things for the fans, let people know what is on your mind.
He does things for the fans. I'm not sure he gives us enough info at times though.
8.) No - Don't be afraid to ask for help, or ideas.
He has Kevin Wilson in the Press box. Use him for what he was hired to do. He needs to let Wilson call the plays. Ryan can focus on coaching.
9.) yes - Bring in lots of former Buckeyes, as Urban and Tress did for encouragement and history.
We saw quite a few at the ND game, but really that was about the only game I've seen many. He does welcome all former buckeyes to the locker room, so I'd give this a small yes.
10.) Yes - Respect Buckeye Nation.
Yes, he does this.

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