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Rip Van Wolverines, Fully Awake

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November 24, 2022 at 1:00pm

A Faithful Buckeye living in Michigan, it is mind-numbing how Michigan Fan friends (good people can make bad choices) have awoken from a decade long slumber and now can not stop puffing their chest and incessantly yaking about their team in coach.  As a longtime fan, I have not seen them like this in 2 decades.  That 1 home win was like a AED to the fan-base heart.  Jim is still 1-5, plus a surrender in 2020.  But, to them, he is 5-1!  Just a quick reminder to U of M fans, what was happening the last time they won at the horseshoe in 2000.

Bill Clinton was president.

they were counting butterfly ballots, and the Supreme Court was trying to decide who would be the next president Al Gore and George Bush.

Gas was $1.29 a gallon

The world trade centers were both still standing.

The number one song that week was by the Backstreet Boys.

it was a long long time ago

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