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Comment 15 Jan 2019

Tate could win a Heisman at West Virginia.  He is super talented.  The real bummer is the wasted season of 2017 and Not Going to Haskins or Martell instead of JT.  JT was just a very limited guy in terms of speed (running) and accfuracy (throwing).  JT beat 1 elite team as a starter (Oklahoma 2016)  the rest of the really good teams he played, he lost.  Without JT breaking his leg, there is no 2014 National Championship, PERIOD.  And no, I do not consider Michigan an Elite team, the proof on the field for 2 decades + proves they are not.

Comment 11 Jan 2019

Problem---Tate is in fact really good----he will be great at his next stop, at West Virgina---a likely Heisman Cand.  However, if Tate leaves and Fields in not granted permission to play in 2019----Gasp, could U of M win with OSU having a unknown 3rd choice QB???

Comment 09 Jan 2019

True-----but that's a pretty Big "IF" in the equation.  OSU has 3 National Titles in the last 50 years, better than most, but not common by any stretch.  I wish Carmen Jackson would have choose OSU, he didn't, and he is now a National Champion.  Well played on his part.  

Comment 08 Jan 2019

Carmen Jackson, the #1 player from Ohio last year---who left for Clemson.  Yeah, he has a NC Ring.  If he never plays another down, he made the right choice.  A National Title is immortal----We still honor the 68 Team, that was 50 years ago.

Comment 08 Jan 2019
What did a Rose Bowl game mean to you in 1998, with a remote chance to win a national title? It meant the world. What did it mean in 2019, where the winner had the chance at..... nothing. That's the difference. Its like dating a super model(national title, playoffs, bcs title game) or dating a 250 lb Sunday school teacher (a nothing bowl game). While on the surface, they are both dates with girls, its no where near the same thing.
Comment 08 Jan 2019
I agree, to nothing programs like: Vanderbilt, Utah state, michigan, or Oregon state---who have never made a BCS championship game or a playoff game, maybe a Peach Bowl means something. To 21 teams in the BCS era / playoff era who have have won a title or a chance in the title game or playoff, the non playoff games are meaningless.
Comment 07 Jan 2019

Clemson my suck, but they have more wins vs. OSU in the last 5 years than:  Michigan, Northwestern, Maryland, Iowa, Minnesota, Rutgers, and Nebraska---COMBINED   Clemson 2-0   Those teams listed:  1 - 23

Comment 04 Jan 2019

Haskins is the 1st QB off the board in the weakest QB Class for the NFL Draft in 15 years.  No Way he stays.  If next if in 2019, you get hurt,  You have a less than 2018 year (you think another 50 TD's /5,000 yards is realistic?)  Other QB's emerge.  You go from being a Top 10 pick to a top 25-40 pick, CONGRATS---you just cost yourself 20-30 million dollars

Comment 02 Jan 2019

OSU had finally taken control of the game vs Clemson, until botched punt return in the 3rd Quarter of the 2013 Orange Bowl. At near the 50 yard line, it should have set up OSU for prime field position, another score, and a chance to put a nail in the game.  Instead, OSU botched the punt, Clemson recovers, Clemson thru a bomb on the next play for a TD, Clemson goes on to win.

No---I don't remember that one!!!! lol

Comment 02 Jan 2019

As someone with a college degree, a good paying job, working 9-5, 5 days a week, who love OSU football----Dwayne, take the money!  You will be the first QB taken in the worst NFL QB draft prospects in a decade.  Next year, everything could change.  Injury, Bad Season, Other QB's on the rise----This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime chance for a $20-40 million dollar lottery ticket to play a game most would play for free.  With a little money management, that 4 years of work on that 1st NFL contract---No Would Never Have to Work again!

Comment 26 Dec 2018

No, they are the "KING" because of Results on the Field.  OSU got the whole SEC Ball rolling by laying an egg (2006) vs. Florida then the again the next year to LSU.  In the last 12 seasons---9 times the SEC has won the title, including a 7-in-a-row streak in that span.  While mostly Alabama,----Florida (2), LSU and Auburn have got in on the act.  Last 12 Years since OSU lost to Florida.

SEC:  9 titles

ACC:  2 titles

Big Ten:  1 title

Pac 12:  NONE

Big 12:  NONE

It's the SEC dominance that has became a narraitive.  OSU is holding up it's end of the bargain----the rest of the Big Ten?  NOPE

Comment 13 Dec 2018

For Zach Harrison:  What would be the appeal of going to Michigan?  They can't beat OSU, ever, under any circumstance---PERIOD.   Without beating OSU, there is no path to a Big Ten Title.   With no Big Ten title---there is no path to the playoffs.  Do you want to be a Rashon Gary (0-3 vs. OSU, no title games or playoffs) or Chase "T-S Fabio" Winovich (0-5 vs. OSU, no title games or playoffs).  Except for people who grew up in Michigan (even then---go to MSU and get coached up) why would good players go to U of M with their beyond awful track record in meaningful games, and 1 win vs. OSU during these recruits ENTIRE LIFETIME?

Comment 12 Dec 2018

Nowinsovich is the Holiday Gift that keeps giving-----The best line in his retarded statement: "What we have built here is a powerhouse".  WHAT????  Powerhouse?  Of mediocrity?  I am so confused.  No Division titles, No B1G TEN Championship Appearances, No Playoff Appearances, Michigan never even made a BCS Champ appearance (1998-2013) second tier bowl games, only Big Ten team to lose a bowl game last year, and played 2 top 10 quality teams all year in 2018---lost to both.  What a joke.

Comment 10 Dec 2018

To dopes like Chase Winovich or Rashan Gary---who were recruited by Ohio State but chose Michigan---how must they feel, never winning ANYTHING in their college careers?  For those OSU fans who don't think Big Ten titles matter, only National Titles----imagine if you never won a Big Ten Division title or played in or won a Big Ten title game?  Michigan players and fans in this century have no idea what it feels like to be a winner.  Why anyone who is not born in the state of Michigan goes to school there is beyond me.

Comment 06 Dec 2018

You were committed to a coach who:  Has 2 undefeated seasons with no championship, 3 National Championships, Sugar, Fiesta, Orange, and Cotton Bowl wins, 7 conference titles (Including the last 2 in-a-row), whose worst finish in the Big Ten is tied for 1st in the Division, and has a .850 win percentage.  The new coach has:  3 wins.

To be completely fair to these kids, Yeah, I would re-evaluate too!

Comment 05 Dec 2018

I find it amusing the people who dislike Urban the most are people in the media; most of whom have never played competitive sports & none have coached at a Elite National Level.  They have no clue, yet they run their mouths.