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The Younger Generation Now Has Some Blood in This Rivalry, and Other Thoughts

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November 28, 2021 at 9:31pm
  • Buckeye fans younger than 25 have never experienced TTUN take something from them until now.  They either weren't alive yet or too young to remember the last time Ohio State lost to that team with everything on the line.  We all know some of those fans who say silly things like It's not much of a rivalry anymore or Penn State is a bigger rival than Michigan.  It's not their fault - you can be taught to hate that team but you can't live the hatred with full appreciation until they take something from you.  Now they know.  As for the players, I'm sure they wanted this win more than I'll ever understand.  But no player that's come through here in almost 10 years has had to play their rival with revenge on their minds.  Now they do.   
  • This one will be remembered as the game Day threatened to "hang 100 on them".  History won't care that comment was made in private before last year and it would have happened had TTUN not thrown in the towel on their miserable season.  History will remember it as arrogance and eating crow.  This was the first game since it happened and whether it's fair or not, Day did not back it up.
  • I want that team to lose the B1G next week, bad.  Even if that means they get the Rose Bowl and we get suck in some loser Citrus Bowl.  But if they do end up in the CFP, there's a decent chance we end up in the Rose Bowl against Oregon.  Avenging the loss to them in the Rose Bowl wouldn't be a bad way to close out this season.  

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