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What Coaching Adjustments/ Changes Does Ryan Day Need to Do This Year?

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January 19, 2021 at 2:07pm

After looking again at the Alabama game, I do not think that they had a decisive talent gap over us. They may have been better at certain spots, but across the board their top 44 and our top 44 players are about equal. 

However, I think we got out coached and they had more top end coaches providing feedback and breaking down tendencies than we did. I mean when you have Charlie Strong and other coaches that can coach at a top 25 program, that is a huge advantage and that puts you over the top when talent is equal. 

What coaching changes do we need to make to compete against that? Do we need to start bringing in more "head coaches" in a consultant role? 

Also, who really calls the defense plays during the game? Is it Combs or Mattison? 

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