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Save the Season. Frank F Warren and the B1g Are Watching

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August 29, 2020 at 8:45am

The most pivotal day in buckeye football in a while is upon is. With all the talk from yesterday, a fall season is within reach. Dont give up, my friends. FIGHT!! Today is the day for your voice to be heard. It is time we realize again that we the people run the show. We the people are in charge. Ohio State, and every school save Nw, is a state run institution. Anyone in a position of authority for Ohio State or the b1g works for us. Today is the day you tell  Kevin F. Warren and the b1g presidents if you agree with their actions. They are watching. The other b1g schools are watching. The country is watching. If the turnout is monumental, the floodgates will open. The b1g presidents and Warren will know we will not roll over. We will not be silenced. Michigan is in the planning stages of a rally. When they see what we do, they will be motivated. Their hope will surge. They will know they can make a difference. This will spread to every school. The b1g has had negative press, players and coaches speak out (initially), rallies and protests against them, their motivations questioned, and a lawsuit (hopefully the first of many) filed against them.  How much more are they willing to take? I say not much more. Their only hope is that we stop the pressure and everything blows over. Show them this will NEVER BLOW OVER. WE WILL NOT BE SILENCED. The season will happen this fall or we will continue to pressure until the truth about why they cancelled the season has been brought to light. Warren and the b1g presidents are weary. They have been under attack from all angles. They are at their weakest. They are looking for any ray of light. They are hoping and praying this rally is a dud. Now is the time, my friends. Today at 11 at the shoe. FINISH THEM!!!! 

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