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Playing or Not Playing Should Not Be a Decision for Conferences to Make

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August 21, 2020 at 10:11am

Look, I'm no fan of the NCAA. Actually I despise that parastical, hypocritical organization from the top to the bottom. 

That said, I think the NCAA is abdicating their responsibility right now by leaving it up to individual P5 conferences whether they play or not. If it's safe to play college football during COVID (I personally am not of this camp) then everyone should play. If it's not safe (I lean more toward this side, judging from what I understand about the virus and from what we've already seen) then no one should play. It's not like there's something magical about the South vs the Midwest or Pacific Coast that protects students, coaches, and players from corona, on the contrary, the ACC-SEC-Big 12 footprint is much worse off now than the Big Ten-Pac 12 footprint in terms of community spread and case numbers. 

Besides viral considerations, having two P5 conferences sit out the season could be disastrous long-term for both of those conferences and for football as a whole. The NCAA needs to actually show some backbone and take over rather than leaving us with this patchwork of half-measures and different strategies. What we're seeing in sports is a microcosm of what went wrong in America with the fight against COVID: the top of the chain of command being paralyzed by indecision and apathy and leaving it up to local authorities to devise their own mismatched and often contradictory methods. 

Either the NCAA shows leadership on this or they admit they're a pointless, ineffectual, and irrelevant organization and dissolve post haste. 

/End rant. 

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