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Rewatched the 2019 Penn State Game

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July 20, 2020 at 6:36pm

After being on their board and seeing posters say things like, "Chase Young won that game for Ohio State, imagine if his suspension was one game longer" and, "2020 is our year, we almost beat them in 2019," wanted to make sure that I wasn't losing my memory. 

Up 21-0 and their backup QB comes in and leads them on a TD drive, they conveniently forget that if it wasn't for their terrible QB getting injured, that doesn't happen. Then, two straight fumbles giving them a very short field and easy 10 points. Can only imagine what the score would have been without those things happening. 

I hope Ryan Day runs it up on them at their own house this season. They're already using covid as an excuse for why they could/will lose. "We won't be able to have a full white out this season because of covid-19." 

Here's a shortened version of their team breakdown from one of their posters: 5 year QB with one of the best OC/QB coaches in the country, talented OL room for one of the best OL coaches in the country, an elite RB room, talented group of TEs, talented DEs and deep depth at DT and a deep LB room. All of that and they still won't beat Ohio State. Can't wait for them to experience a full game of Clifford against Ohio State, they'll be calling for their backup QB in no time. 




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