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Is Alford to Colorado a Possibility? Who Replaces Him?

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February 15, 2020 at 4:30pm

As was discussed in Friday's Skull Session, Tony Alford may be a legitimate candidate for the Colorado HC position. While he is a CSU graduate, his ties to the state cannot be understated. If (and that is a big IF) he were to take the job, who would be on our short list of coaches to replace him? While not an ideal situation, you couldn't blame him for jumping at the chance to become a HC in his home state. His is a list of the top paid, but does that make them the best or even a viable option? OSU definitely has the resources to offer a handsome pay raise, would Coach Day go after a one of these guys or find someone that no one has thought about.

1. Tommie Robinson, LSU — $600,000
2. Dell McGee, Georgia — $550,000
3. Tony Alford, Ohio State — $525,000
3. Stan Drayton, Texas — $525,000
5. Jay Graham, Texas A&M — $475,000
6. Jay Boulware, Oklahoma — $470,000
7. Greg Knox, Florida — $451,000
8. Joe Pannunzio, Alabama — $425,000
9. Derrick Nix, Ole Miss — $400,000
10. Donte Pimpleton, Florida State — $370,000
10. John Settle, Wisconsin — $370,000
10. Jeff Traylor, Arkansas — $370,000

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