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German Twitter User Tries to Label U.S. Map, Finds Eight Ohios

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February 14, 2020 at 12:01pm

Stop me if you've heard this one before...

A German Twitter user’s attempt to label a map of the United States went viral Friday and posed the world a pressing new question: Where is Ohio?

This is where the fun begins because as it turns out, Ohio is here, there and (nearly) everywhere or at least for this particular Twitter user.

User @haru_cchii, who tweeted he is 17 and has never visited the United States, successfully identified California, Texas, Florida, Arkansas and Washington. The rest of their map is littered with question marks, states named George and West George, the entirety of New England grouped under “the f*** is going on here,” four Kansases and eight separate Ohios.

“This is def Ohio,” he wrote on Nevada.

So this is where things really get interesting. While he missed on his first Ohio attempt, he wasn't done yet...

Then he reached Montana and reconsidered: “This also feels like Ohio.”

By the time he got to New Mexico, the question had become clear: “Where is OHIO”

The other states labeled Ohio included Alabama, South Carolina, Illinois, Indiana and, finally, the real Ohio.

When he was done, he wasn't wrong but he also wasn't completely right.

While this would certainly be adequate comedic relief on most days, you know us Ohioans. We can't let this pass without a proper response so let's see what actual Buckeyes had to say about it.

Ohioans who spotted the question trending were quick to respond with their own jokes. Ohio is everywhere. Ohio was inside you all along. Ohio doesn't actually exist. If you don't know where Ohio is, that's because it's right behind you. 

So where is Ohio? Actually, maybe Ohio is everywhere. It's certainly much more ambiguous if you're a 17 year Tweeter that's never been to the Motherland, right?!? 

Here's a link to the article if you're into that kind of thing.

Banter on and HVD to all the Dubbers out there. Now go make it a GR8 day!!

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