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"Smart Kid Schools" and P5 Athletes

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January 30, 2020 at 1:17pm

Did anyone else catch the segment on ESPNU first team today about the differences between real "smart kid" P5 schools, their admission standards and continued enrollment standards vs the  rest of the P5 programs?

Very interesting... and I loved their reference to scUM not being a "smart kid" school after some Michigan fans messaged them complaining that they weren't included in the "smart kid" school category.

They classified "smart kid" schools as those schools that had real differences in admissions and continued enrollment standards vs the minimum NCAA standards.  They said the following were true "smart kid" schools in the NCAA:

Stanford, Northwestern, Notre Dame, Vandy, Virginia, Georgia Tech and Wake Forest.

I didn't hear the full segment but while I was listening they said people from scUM and Virginia Tech called in to complain and McEllroy and the new guy on there both said "no, those schools standards for admission and enrollment for their players is the same as the Div 1 minimums standards".

Why is it not a surprise the the scUM fans were calling in and whining??  It's always a favorite excuse by that bunch up north about why they can't compete and win.

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