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The Numbers Game

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January 15, 2020 at 5:48pm

Allow me to start off by saying my intentions are not to offend anyone (I am sure it will offend some people despite me saying otherwise) and I am in no way saying none of the below can play for Ohio State - obviously, they can and do.

Disclaimer: Yes, it is a sore subject, but with the rise of the transfer portal over the last few years I feel it is inevitable to discuss. With the recent news of Alex Williams entering the transfer portal, the scholarship count is at 88. At the end of the day, well by the time fall 2020 rolls around, that number has to be down to 85. It has been well documented (in the comment sections on 11W) that Coach Day will have it down to 85 and I have no doubt in my mind about it.

However, my question to everyone here: what 3 players do you think it may make sense to see enter the portal? I am not asking for the 3 people you may not be huge fans of on the roster for whatever reason, just honest opinions. This post will probably be met with DVs, however, I am not trying to insult any of the players below - they just may not fit schematically with what OSU is doing or have better opportunity to shine elsewhere and have their skillset on display to make it to the NFL. These players have gotten years of great coaching and conditioning and would have a leg up anywhere they go. 

For me, I could see a legit reason for any of the below to transfer in order to see more action on the field and shine - player name listed with snap count this season. We already saw Brendon White (176 snaps) and now Alex Williams (64 snaps) enter the portal.

Jahsen Wint - 73 snaps - Size? Yep. Skill? Yep. Speed? Yep. I actually enjoyed when I got to see him on the field but I think his skillset would be suited best in a different defensive scheme to fully utilize his talents as a hybrid to play the Bullet position that has disappeared in our defense. He was recruited by Schiano, so it could be an immediate role at Rutgers alongside White - a rock solid improvement for them. 

Ellijah Gardiner - 18 snaps - The recent wave of WR's that stepped on campus a few weeks ago will likely be the face of Zone 6 for years to come (no worries, not overlooking Wilson or Olave). Gardiner was a very late addition to the 2017 class and hasn't seen the field outside of special teams. He definitely possesses the physical tools to make an impact somewhere. I could argue the same for another tall, athletic WR we didn't get to see a lot of Jaylen Harris (89 snaps).

Demarrio McCall - 90 snaps - This one was a little tough for me. He is no doubt a leader on the team next year. However, if he wants the chance to be THE guy and get drafted, Ohio State may not be the spot for him. He will be splitting reps with Gill, Teague, Crowley, and Chambers this coming season. Kick returns and punt returns are trending towards Garrett Wilson and I would also keep an eye out for Jameson Williams bc let's face it, he has that Ginn Jr. speed. Sure McCall's had his ups and downs, but I feel his utilization has decreased big time. 

Again, I know this is a sore subject and may cause an uproar. I am in no way stating who is going anywhere. 

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