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I Feel Better

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January 14, 2020 at 12:51am

Not perfect. Better.

Ohio State out-played and deserved to beat Clemson. Wasn’t convinced I wanted to watch tonight but I love college football and ended up doing so.

1. LSU is good. Damn good. Not saying it’s a given they beat OSU but that team is impressive. Had Clemson won, the “what if” feelings would have been rougher.

2. Fields was hurt since the PSU game. Beating 3-straight (nearly 4) ranked opponents was amazing - but plain and simple, this team (good as they were) was missing a gear since that PSU game. That gear was Fields running ability.

3. Clemson got what they deserved. That’s a chicken-shit program plain and simple. They fake injuries to stop tempo and get flags and whine like hell when the calls don’t roll their way. Seeing a (legit) targeting ejection followed by a TD taken off the board (borderline) made me feel like some justice was served.

4. TL’s final play being a turnover on him was enjoyable. He’s talented. He’s a winner. He’s got a great career ahead of him. But like the rest of his team, he fakes injuries. It was enjoyable seeing him fumble.

5. Congrats to Joe. No longer a Buckeye, but once was and more importantly is simply a good dude and a real warrior.

6. That didn’t feel like an “SEC win”. It felt like an LSU win. No chant (that I heard). Just comments about the state from the head coach who loves the school.

7. Next year is ours for the taking. This isn’t a Clemson dynasty. This isn’t a Bama dynasty. This isn’t an SEC streak. This is wide open, the Bucks are undoubtedly a top tier power, and it’s time as a seasoned playoff team to execute. Can’t wait for fall 2020!


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