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Just when I Was Ready to Move On... Zach Boren Reels Me Back In.

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January 10, 2020 at 2:25pm

In this edition of BuckIQ, Zach Boren goes off on the officiating in the playoff game... and I agree with every syllable. While I realize that Ohio State had scoring opportunities they didn't take advantage of, and while I admit that the points they left on the field certainly played a significant part in the loss to Clemson, the officiating was the ultimate differentiator in the game. Day's team was competing against the defending national champion and the referees... an officiating crew that was as bad as any I've ever seen on any level. If the replay official isn't a crooked, unethical cheater, then he's absolutely inept, and to hear a former player essentially echo those sentiments, forcefully, gives me a bit of satisfaction. The NCAA ignoring the bungling incompetence and egregious errors made by the replay official is nothing short of impropriety at best, and corruption at worst... and it absolutely stains the sport. 

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