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Three Offensive Reasons Ohio State Will Be The 2020-2021 National Champions

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January 9, 2020 at 7:58pm

Maybe I'm still in a state of denial but I've been thinking about our season next year and MY GAWD I'm too excited.

1. Fields, The Dual Threat - This season, we had virtually no depth in our QB room. We had Chugs and Hoak behind Fields. Because of this, Day essentially needed to hold Justin back to ensure the least amount of hits leading to injury. This upcoming season will have a QB room of Fields, Hoak, Stroud, and Miller. That much talent, combined with Day's teaching, should make the room that much deeper, and allowing day to unleash Fields with his legs too.

2. Thinking of a MASTER Plan - Master Teague runs a 4.31 40. 4.31. What the-. In all seriousness, Teague being the premier back should be interesting, as he's Carlos Hyde 2.0, but MUCH faster. I've seen alot of people saying that he can't replace Dobbins, and that's true, but with a running fields, and the return of more zone read, Teague will be more than enough. He's a bulldozer. Zeke was too.

3. Zone Six is Back - This may be the deepest WR room we've seen in a while, with Wilson and Fleming leading the way.  I don't have much to say here. There's just so much talent in that room my brain can't really comprehend it.


National Champions 2020-2021. First Champions of the new decade (Monday's natty counts as the 2019 season). Book it.


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