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Herbstreit the Martyr

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January 5, 2020 at 11:08am

In like 2008 or 2009 our team called Kirk Herbstreit out, on how he always go against Ohio State in the big game...he literally came and talked to our team and started crying about how much he love the University. We should of told his ass to get out, cause he still pull that same BS till this day. He should be banned from the state of Ohio.

I know Herbstreit is and continues to be a polarizing figure to Buckeye fans. I just thought it was interesting that Jermale Hines posted this on Dec 31 on his Facebook account. I’m not sure why we’re friends on FB, but I guess we are from my college days of following players on social media. Several former players liked and commented on the post in agreement.

I’ve also noticed that Kirk has been on a warpath lately of retweeting and calling out the “crazies” of Buckeye Nation who lash out him out on social media.

So, regardless of your thoughts on his commentating - I’m curious how Kirk can play martyr to both the school and its players, and also play it to the general public about how mistreated he is. Can anyone think of another popular sports announcer who is nearly as controversial? 

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