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Am I Right in Assuming We Are All Rooting for LSU to Win by a Large Margin?

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December 30, 2019 at 10:36am

Putting aside the Buckeye Joe B factor for a moment, I just feel that a decisive win by LSU will make the loss to Clemson perhaps somewhat less painful.  In other words, it would give me some reason to think that maybe this really was LSU’s year—that Ohio State was far from likely to knock them off (especially with Justin’s and JK’s injuries).

I am also rooting for such a result from the perspective of recruiting.  Maybe I’m wrong, but I think that such a result would help diminish Clemson’s status at least a little bit.

One final thought: I think part of the pain connected to the loss on Saturday has to do with comparing Ohio State’s overall record with Alabama’s and Clemson’s in terms of competing for Nattys.  The unfortunate thing (I think) is that both Alabama and Clemson have been such aberrations in the college football landscape in terms of their success at the highest level in recent years.

In any case, what score would you ideally like to see in the CFP title game?

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