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After Listening to Letterman Row Practice Report...

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December 25, 2019 at 4:16am

And hearing how animated Coach Day got in the video posted earlier, I am no longer concerned about this game.

With the national media mostly dogging Ohio St for the "nobody wants to play" Clemson Tigers. I am convinced that Clemson is in for an ass kicking on Saturday.

Watch the press conferences, you can hear it in the players voices, they're all pissed.

If Kirk Herbstriet is correct and Clemson single blocks Chase Young, I think ole Sunshine is in for a bad day.

Travis Etienne is a good back, but so was Jonathan Taylor and in our first matchup had zero impact on the game.

Sure they have big tall receivers, but those receivers have never dealt with a physical group of cornerbacks like what Ohio St has.

Sure they have Venables, but we have a hive mind in Kevin Wilson and Ryan Day.

The coaches are pissed, the team is pissed. I see them unleashing holy hell upon Clemson.

Justin Fields is only 85% for the game? Not buying it. I think the smaller brace is just to protect the knee from reaggravation.

Get ready Clemson, you, your whiny butt hurt coach, and over confident fan base is about to get mauled by a poisonous nut.

And don't worry LSU and Joe Burrow, your ass kicking is coming on January 5th in NOLA.

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