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MGOBLOG is More Ridiculous Than Insulting..

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December 5, 2019 at 10:11am

I apologize - I do not know how to ADD the link, but if you go to their FINE site, it is titled "A Conversation with a Buckeye."

The "author" makes up a story about sitting behind a Buckeye a fan and when they discuss the RIVALRY, the Buckeye fan acknowledges that "OSU cheats and you have to" if you want to win.


If you scroll through the comments, there are MANY who claim they have "Buckeye Friends" who acknowledge that OSU plays by a "different set of rules."


THIS is why I relish DESTROYING them every year.  I have been a Buckeye for life ...which is pretty long.   I have never ONCE heard ANYONE who is a BUCKEYE fan say "we do not play by the rules....AND I AM COOL WITH THAT!"

I have never heard a fan acknowledge any cheating of any kind....ever.    DO they acknowledge that there was the ISSUE with Tattoos...yes.   Yes, they do. It is not a proud moment, but it is NOT CHEATING.  Cheating is GAINING an advantage.  

I know of NO fans that think it would be FINE   to CHEAT in any way in order to win.


THE fantasy that is UM fan is unreal.   They LIE and CREATE stories and then pass them along as truth.  How pathetic are Wolverine fans?


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