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Is It Crazy to Think JK Returns for His 4th/Senior Year?

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December 5, 2019 at 9:11am

It is kinda weird to think that but I don’t think JK is your conventional dude. I think he is ultra (internally) motivated, plays with a chip on his shoulder and still thinks he can get better!! So think about the following:

1) The offensive line will retool a little bit but the “tip of the spear” should be good or better with Miller, Myer and Davis (assuming he returns).  I’m thinking Munford returns (improves) and we’ll have a capable to very capable replacement for Bowen (NPF, Johnson Jr, Jones, etc). So I do not see any drop off in O line production.

2) Fields returns as a dual threat to run and pass. However, I don’t see him “stealing” carries from JK (a la JT). But enough of a threat for JK to succeed again.

3) The passing game will continue to thrive with Fields back and the next wave of exceptional WR/TE’s coming of age. So there will be no 8 man fronts or stacking the box.

4) I think JK wants to be the best and is driven. Based on the above, he could easily gain the same rushing yardage as this year and eclipse Archie as the all-time leading rusher at Ohio State. That is a legacy in itself. If you want to be the best you have to…..

5) He will be a front runner for the Heisman (along with Fields) and probably the best running back in the nation (statistically) with Jonathan Taylor out of the way. Throw in other recognition too such as – B1GG Offensive Player of the year, Doak Walker, etc.

6) The greatest running back in Ohio State history? Idk. Heisman Trophy winner (granted not two time but I beat you head to head in rushing),  all-time leading rusher in OSU history (over 6,000?). This from a kid from Texas (not Ohio) who never set foot in Columbus (vs. being born and raised in Columbus). It’s quite a story.   

7) From what I read his current draft stock is somewhere between 30-49. Very late 1st round to early/mid 2nd round. Also I think the third running back off the board. Another year like 2019, and he could become the top RB picked somewhere in the 10-20’ ish range (just because RB’s are still somewhat devalued) . This becomes a much bigger monetary payoff. 

8) Finally, the conspiracy part. I like a good conspiracy theory – not the tin foil hat kind, or the earth is flat but I will take a second shooter in the grassy knoll. In August, some of the fan base became upset that we lost Robinson and Knighton, virtually overnight. The coaches’ reaction was somewhat moot. Sure they were disappointed but it did not create a flurry of activity or news. Granted the season was starting and their focus became winning games. However, as the season progressed and recruiting visits were made, still no real RB news for the 2020 class. The coaching staff was very chill about future running backs.  Even with Texas in the crapper and FSU a dumpster fire, no one and I mean no one saw a renewal of interest with Robinson or Knighton.  (Did we tell them “No”??) And then we get Williams to flip after the PsU game. A nice addition to the class but not a jaw dropper. So what if…….. Sometime during training camp or the season, JK became a “silent commit” and told the coaches he would return for his senior year.


(I’m going to get my coffee now)

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