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A Low Uniform Number Defense.

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December 4, 2019 at 1:09pm

I don’t know why I think of stuff like this, but wouldn’t it be unique/strange/funny for the Buckeyes to field this low-number defense?  Based on their uniform numbers and using players numbered 1 – 11, the Buckeyes could field one hell of a defense.

1 – Okudah CB

2 – Young LB (Not his usual position, but we have seen hints of this possibility.) 

3 – Arnette CB

4 – Fuller S

5 – Browning LB

6 – Vincent DT

7 – Mitchell LB

8 – Jean-Baptist DE

9 – Cornell DT

10 – Riep Nickle

11 – Smith DE

Is there any other team that could do this? I think not!



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