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Fairly Reasonable Take Re: MGo's Absurdity

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December 4, 2019 at 10:34am

Clearly not a UM fan per post history, but great breakdown. Helps filter through the mess I've been readying lately on that site.

I think the delusion starts and ends with the excuses made by this fanbase...

#1 OSU doesn't care about academics

... JH himself says UM admittance and academics for athletes is "borderline"

... UM's average student ACT admittance scores: 29-33

... OSU's average student ACT admittance scores: 27-31

... Northwestern Athletics #1 AAR for athletes, OSU Athletics #2 AAR for athletes, UM #3 AAR for athletes

#2 OSU cheats by paying players

... Former Financial Advisor Marty Blazer admits he paid for UM Football players 


#3 The Refs are against UM football 

2019 penalty breakdown: OSU 7 penalties for 66 yards, UM 5 penalties for 38 yards

2018 penalty breakdown: OSU 12 penalties for 150 yards, UM 7 penalties for 72 yards


What else ya'll got? If you wonder why everyone thinks you're crazy, it's because you give everyone else a great place to start: YOUR EXCUSES! 


Closing.  You could have put this 'comment' in a number of other Michigan threads, like the one directly above it.....



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