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Five Things Penn State from the 2017 Game

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November 20, 2019 at 3:55pm

So usually when I am working out in the morning listening music but when I get up a$$ early in the morning and needs something a little bit stronger so to YouTube and watch at random games.

So today while exercising I decided to relive the 2017 Penn State in Ohio State game.  Now the last 3 years these games have been close and I tend to forget all the little details behind again so I watched this to see why this team or gain was so close.  In spirit of the 5 things <insert team> articles that come out each week there is my 5 take always and why the game was closed and things we could avoid this weekend. I know some of these are to be quite obvious but that it was up with them in context of a real situation I think if these 5 things could be corrected going to this came or avoided I think our chances are of waiting a game impressively increases.

1. Turn overs were crucial in this game.  We had interception and then zone by Ward but the call was reversed and given to Penn State for touchdown.  We also had a turnover while we are driving the fourth quarter at the 50 yard line when there was a miscommunication in the hand off and JT fumble.  We also had a fumble which led to immediate score by by Penn State since they were on the 30 yard line.

2. Special teams played a huge role in his game including the Berkeley run back for a touchdown and are blocked upon.  That was the year were special teams were atrocious and even had another run back to aboutto the 40 yard line.  I do not know if Hamler will play or not but he could be a threat to take one back on special teams we need to be gap and lane sound.

3. Penalties were huge part of this came.  We had several that extended there drives and caused us first downs.  This is a no-brainer but if he limit our penalties which we have this year so far this will limit them from getting back into the game especially on most 50-50 balls which they like to throw up.

4. Both teams had difficulty running up the middle consistently but the success of both offenses dependent on the perimeter.  We need to guard the perimeter both on runs and passes because that was where they did most of the damage.

5. KJ Hill was a monster during this game.  He was all over the place and and on special teams.  Was thinking maybe we should come up with a new #can'tguardHill.  I am thinking KJ and Olave have huge games. We have to limit therapy to play makers especially there tight ends.  I think we have the athletes and defensive schemes to limit them back plays

Ryan Day certainly has this team playing more discipline in in terms of minimizing penalties and turnovers while the defensive staff has that side of the ball playing fast and furious.He had we avoided these areas in the past I do not think they came would have been close at all.

Go Buckeye's beat them Kitty Cats

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