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How Do We Feel About the Rutgers & Maryland Additions 6 Years Later?

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November 14, 2019 at 5:39pm

Rutgers and Maryland were AWFUL additions to the Big Ten conference. I don’t want to hear about TV money or anything else, these two programs have watered down Big Ten football. The entire Big Ten football brand has been tarnished because of it. We were told that Rutgers and Maryland would be much better five years into being members of the Big Ten. The opposite has happened. Rutgers is probably the worst Power 5 football team of all time and this year’s Maryland team is considered to be one of the worst in that programs history by their fans. 

As Ohio State fans we have to suffer through two games a year against these teams. I would much rather watch games against Minnesota, Iowa, Purdue or Illinois. I have never seen more empty seats in the Horseshoe than when we play Rutgers. The Shoe was more packed for FAMU in 2013 than Rutgers in 2014 and I don’t even blame the fans. 

Jim Delaney deserves the boo’s he receives at the B1G championship game every year. Great football is the way to get big TV contracts and ratings, not adding terrible teams from heavily populated regions. 

After this week we can get back to real Big Ten November football. 

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