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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Will Allen INT in the 2002 tun game to send the Buckeyes to the national title.
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Comment 22 Sep 2019

I can’t believe how bad they looked yesterday. They looked like a soccer team compared to a big physical team like Wisconsin. 

I have to admit I’m surprised Harbaugh hasn’t done a lot better there. I thought he would turn them into a powerhouse again. They’ve never looked like the types of teams Lloyd Carr had up there with big time players all over the field. 

Comment 22 Sep 2019

My biggest takeaway from yesterday is that it’s time to play ONLY Power 5 vs Power 5 in college football. This is so long overdue. 76-5, are you kidding me? It’s bad for the sport, it’s pointless, it makes no sense.  Move all of the Group of 5 teams to FCS where they can actually compete for a championship (Top FCS programs have better attendance than MAC & Sun Belt teams because their season actually has a point). 

Every Power 5 conference should play 10 conference games and two non conference games against Power 5 opponents. Saban was the first to call for this and he’s 100% right. It’s what the players want, the fans want & the TV networks. 

College football is the best sport imo, and it’s not even operating at close to full strength. Yesterday the #1 & 2 ranked teams were playing Charolette & Southern Miss. Time to end this ridiculousness.  

Comment 21 Sep 2019

I absolutely hate starting conference play and then going back and playing a MAC opponent. I yearn for the day when college football is Power 5 vs Power 5 only. 

Oh well, Beautiful day in the Shoe let’s play football. 

Comment 15 Sep 2019

The whole “Big Noon kick” is kind of lame. I get that FOX is trying to maximize ratings by not going against the ABC & CBS 3:30 games but Michigan at Wisconsin should be a 3:30 game and Buckeyes and Huskers should be a night game. If it’s a nooner I’m going to be disappointed. 

Comment 15 Sep 2019

I hate games like this. What a waste of a Saturday in the Shoe. College football scheduling as a whole needs to be fixed. I agree with Saban, move all Group of 5 teams to FCS (where they can actually compete for a championship) and play ONLY Power 5 vs Power 5 games. Fans don’t want to watch games against cupcakes and players don’t want to play in games like this. 

A long overdue fix to college football scheduling needs to happen now. 

Comment 14 Sep 2019

Just from watching the teams coming out of the tunnel I can tell Indiana is fired up and we aren’t. We better wake up right now. 

Comment 09 Sep 2019

I can’t believe in 2019 college football is still playing games like this. Move all Group of 5 teams to FCS and play only Power 5 vs Power 5. 

Last week the #2, 3 & 4 teams were playing NMSU, Murray St and South Dakota. It’s bad for the sport. 

This would be a good move for the Group of 5 teams too, they would actually be competing for a championship.