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Defensive Weakness? Second Edge Pass Rusher

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October 30, 2019 at 2:53pm

Nit picking alert! I have heard a lot about this team not having a weakness which I agree with partially but one thing I think may be a weakness is the team lacking a consistent second pass rusher. I know Jonathon Cooper, Tyler Friday,  and Tyreke Smith have been hurt and were expected to have big years this year but I expected more from that position.  No other player has more than 2 sacks at the position besides Jashon Cornell and he only played defensive end 1 game.  With teams keying on Chase Young I thought the other defensive ends would feast and be able to beat the 1v1s. Largely, this hasn't happened and the team has relied on LB and corner blitzes to get pressure. Is Chase Young just beating them to the QB facing double teams? Is it scheme? Harrison and Baptiste look great in the run game but I think they are a year or two away from being good pass rushers. What you guys think? Are you worried about production from that side and the pass rush next year? Go Bucks! 


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