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  • SPORTS MOMENT: "Holy Buckeye"
    BCS National Championship game
    Sugar bowl victory vs Alabama
    Front row in block O, 2011 vs Wisconsin
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Mike Doss, Antonio Pitman, A.J Hawk, Carlos,Hyde, Tatum
  • NFL TEAM: Cleveland Browns
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Comment 29 Apr 2020

really? can team choose not to participate in certain round if they feel a player is not worth a first round contract or 2nd round contract? Maybe I just don't know how the supplemental draft works.

Comment 23 Apr 2020

Wiltfong often mentions OSU's high avg class a few years ago as a great class. I think he is a quality of quantity kind of guy so total points may not be his preferred metric.

Comment 13 Apr 2020

I hope you are not a politician in anyway because this how tyrants think. The government works for the general public no matter what you think their intelligence level is.  I do not see why people think politicians are really smart either. Mostly, they are just rich opportunists not brilliant.

Comment 13 Apr 2020

That may be, but it varies with where you live. There are plenty of little tyrants out there threatening arrests for minor things. The Gov from up north banned ppl going to their own vacation residence. Banned buying gardening supplies. Governors and mayors that are super strict are going to wear people thin and that's actually dangerous.

Comment 13 Apr 2020

I get what your saying. We based our policy off models that are now thankfully wrong.  Those models took into account social distancing too. I think what we can do is rural areas start allowing non-essential businesses back to work. Maintain the 6ft distancing rule and 10 person rule.  Slowly starts to increase the number of people allowed with time.  Infections will rise a bit but you actually don't want new infections to completely stop in healthy.  We want the hospitals not to be at capacity while the nation inches closer to herd immunity.  Only way to protect the sick is with a vaccine or herd immunity.  Getting healthy people immunity while not taxing our hospitals is the goal. The virus wont spread as quickly in rural towns as long as school and religious services maintain suspended.  We need to have a plan to start the opening soon but it cannot be all at once.

Comment 10 Apr 2020

While he is not a 4.3 guy, his hips are silky smooth and he can maintain high speed while changing direction. That's more important than running 4.36

Comment 28 Mar 2020

2nd and 2. On OSU 44. Michigan needs a spark. 

Its a screen pass to the receiver. Wait, it’s a WR pass. He’s open. TE catches but is caught by Proctor. At the 9. 1st and goal UM.

cant beat OSU straight up need to get tricky.

Comment 02 Mar 2020

Nobody mentions Gavin Cupp. He ran with the 1st team last spring and was in the 2 deep last year.  I realize he is a 5th year but he also graded out a champion twice last year.  I believe he was the only back up on the line to do that. I know there is other fresh talent but is he really not even in consideration for guard?

Comment 25 Feb 2020

The number I saw was 2% total. A lot of different information out there.  The closed cases isn't really the correct way to measure.  There are two ways to close out a case. 1) Full recovery 2)Death.  EX. Two people diagnose the same day. 1 dies in 3 days. The other is still in recovery. The closed case fatality rate for those 2 is 100%. Wait a couple more days its 50%. Definitely something to be prepared for. 2% of the world is a lot of people.

Comment 13 Dec 2019

It was light razing at best for behavior of a known commenter. Cincy has made a name for himself here and continues to express his opinions but its ridiculous to assume nobody is going to bring his name up when discussing ESPN because he made himself know for it.  Its a sports site not a tea party.

Comment 13 Dec 2019

You intensify every thread. You like it because it makes you known here so you keep it up. If your going to be the ESPN homer you have to expect people to mention you when ESPN bias is mentioned.

Comment 13 Dec 2019

Why cant people call someone out for they opinions they hold? Also, Cincy is the one intensifying the threads and everyone recognizes this and is why they give him a hard time. 

Comment 09 Dec 2019

Which would you rather play beat up, Clemson or LSU? To me, if we have to play Clemson I would rather it be fresh. I think we can handle LSU after a tough game.

Comment 02 Dec 2019

ESPN ignored it and don't disclose what the FPI is for when they talk about resume and why LSU should be number 1.  Alabama proved they were not better that LSU even when he played. SEC does not have 5 of the best 7 teams 'going forward."

Comment 02 Dec 2019

I fail to see then why ESPN would use it as a comparison tool for ranked wins then? They used it to justify LSU over OSU.