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Calling Xichigan Fans Who Follow Us on This Site

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October 23, 2019 at 3:24pm

I know as always our fans are 50/50 on the predictions its always the same. Those who believe we will blow out everyone we play and those who are more cautious and believe a win is there but maybe a little closer.

I myself think it will be close until halftime and halfway through the 3rd and then we pull away. But I always think it will play out this way. Well, this prediction really has not been the trend as it has in the past, yet I stick with it, my comfort zone.

This post is for the many apparent and/or hidden Xichigan fans who come to this site. I want to hear how they think this Saturdays game will play. Now you may want us to lose and I get it. But I am asking not what you want to happen but do you think will happen and if so why/how. 

I am curious to hear from those up north. They comment on this site objectively and fair.

GO BUCKS..leaving AZ in 48 hours


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