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*id-Season Lineup Talent: Ttun vs. TOSU

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October 10, 2019 at 3:16pm

I did a guess at this preseason, but here's the mid-season, bye-week version of recruit rating data for the *starting lineups for ttun and the Buckeyes.  For us, I've used the snap counts of recent weeks to put the top guys in there.  For them, I am looking at top stat contributors as I can't find comprehensive snap counts for them.  Note that I tried to level out our LB, DB situation as it's a pretty unique comparison.  I still think there are changes coming (ie Shea meets bench)

Notice that our average player rating is about 0.029 higher, and our players were ranked over 23 spots higher on average for their respective positions.  I also looked at the key position battles:

OLs vs. DLs

WRs vs. DBs

LBs vs. RBs & TEs

As you can see, we have the talent advantage in every major battle. 

Based on this information, I'm most excited to see the battle between our passing O, and their passing D.

Should be a good game this year, Go Bucks!

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