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My Favorite Moment from Last Night

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October 6, 2019 at 2:33pm

It may not have been the flashiest play, and the game was well in hand at this point. But my favorite play from last night was undoubtedly Baron Browning’s sack on third down. 

When Baron flew in and leveled Lewerke, I erupted yelling. In that moment, I remembered when Baron was still a 5 star recruit out of Texas. I remembered staying up late reading the thread about his recruitment, Urban sealed the deal with an in-home visit if remember correctly. I remembered Baron’s freshmen year here, battling for playing time. I recalled last year, seeing the struggles of the LB unit, seeing flashes of potential from Browning, but a lack of consistency. All of that made that sack just so damn sweet. 

Almost three years of delayed gratification, all coming to fruition in that moment.

That is why I love college football, Go Bucks.

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