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Not Concerned About Wisconsin

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September 27, 2019 at 10:23pm

It's going to be big ten game of the year. Yes it's going to be a noon banger on Fox. And yes, it's going to be against a top ten team.

So why am I not concerned. Because, Wisconsin still barely passes the ball. Jack Coan had 13 passes against ttun and completed 11 of them, I think he had like 128 yards passing.

Now some of you are going to say, but Jonathan Taylor had like a billion yards in the first half against ttun, and my only response is fair enough, Jonathan Taylor should be in the NFL right now instead of Wisconsin buttttttt, ttun run defense is awful this year, they have close to zero defensive tackles.

Sure Coan was running the ball also against Ttun, buttttttt do you think he will be doing that against this Ohio St defense....no. Do you think Jonathan Taylor is going to run for 200 yards vs this defense....no he won't, 150 yards, no he won't run for that much either.

He won't even rush for 100 yards against our defense. Stop Taylor and Wisconsin all of a sudden goes back to being a pretender ala 2014 big ten title game.

Wisconsin is one dimensional, they've been one dimensional for over 20 years.

Now why am I writing about Wisconsin when we have a "big" game against Nebraska tomorrow night, because Nebraska is fake good.

Nebraska defense is terrible, Nebraska should have lost to Illinois.

Listen to the experts and oh well Nebraska had almost 700 yards of offense. Yes, against a horrendous Illinois defense.

Look at Nebraska vs Colorado, offense not so effective, defense awful.

Nebraska isn't stopping Ohio St offense, and they aren't scoring on our defense.

This is why I'm not worried about Nebraska, Ohio St is beating them 55-7

Ohio St is beating Wisconsin 48-10

Ohio St is beating Penn St 51-17

Ohio St is beating ttun 70-7

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