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Guess the Program Based on Their Performances in the Playoff Era

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September 23, 2019 at 7:53pm

Can you guess each of these programs based on their performances in the playoff era? One of them is OSU, but can you guess which one and who the other four teams are? This should raise quite a bit of discussion about our dominance and "getting the benefit of the doubt" with the committee and voters. I think when people mention Clemson and Bama, they need to put OSU right in there too. Not being a complainer, but gotta give the Bucks their due, and with Day and this staff, the sky is the limit!

Team A: Overall 69-7 (.908), 4 Conference titles, 10 - 2 (.833) postseason record, 19-5 (.792) vs Top 25

Team B: Overall 71-6 (.922), 4 Conference titles, 10-3 (.769) postseason record, 32-6 (.842) vs Top 25

Team C: Overall 57-13 (.814), 4 Conference titles, 3-4 (.429) postseason record, 15-10 (.600) vs Top 25

Team D: Overall 66-7 (.904), 3 Conference titles, 8-1 (.889) postseason record, 21-3 (.875) vs. Top 25

Team E: Overall 46-13 (.780), 1 Conference title, 5-3 (.625) postseason record, 15-12 (.556) vs. Top 25

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