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Ever Turn off or Walk out of an OSU Game?

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May 24, 2019 at 9:15am

Was there ever a point in an OSU game that really just got you so ticked off or so defeated that you just couldn't stand it anymore? So ticked off you turned off the TV or literally walked out of the stadium? Post those stories or events here! 

Here is mine

For me this was the 2017 home game against Penn State. Yes I know we won that game. But I didn't know until after it was over. When this happened, I was so pissed. 

I said fuck this, threw away my half finished PBR and left my house for some food and hangout with my girl friend.

That would be a regrettable mistake.

About an hour or so later when I went to check the damage and the final score. I couldn't believe it. I immediately interrupted my girl friend (now wife) and said I need to watch these highlights. I was in shock for the next 24 hours. I think I watched the 30 minute no huddle youtube video of that game 3 or 4 times the next day with a big ole smile on my face the whole time. I do regret walking out on this one, I sure missed a party at my house when the Bucks came charging back and won the game. 


Share your stories or just which games you couldn't take anymore and turned off or walked out of

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