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Kyler Murray in the NFL

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January 13, 2019 at 2:57pm

I know this isn't directly related to to Buckeye football but I want others opinions on this whole deal...Why is everyone so caught up in Kyler Murray going to the draft. The Cardinals are actually thinking of taking this kid #1. My opinion...HUGE mistake. And I hate the cardinals. He will never make an NFL QB in my opinion. He was good at Oklahoma against an entire conference where defense is optional. When these NFL defenses see this kid they are going to be licking their chops waiting to pounce on him. I know the NFL style of QB is changing some but this I just cant wrap my head around. There is Haskins, Lock, Jones, Stidham, Finley, heck even Grier I would take WAY before Murray. He needs to stick with MLB where he actually has a chance to succeed. What are these so called NFL experts seeing? I'm definitely no expert but really?

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