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Further Insight Into OSU’s Recent Hires

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January 7, 2019 at 4:17pm

Forgive me if this a rehash (and any typos), just returned to work after an extended medical leave & I’m exhausted. 

There is some interesting bits of info floating around about today’s breakthroughs that I figured I would summarize & share. 

Hafley: Seems to be highly regarded amongst his peers & former players as a rising star, track record isn’t stellar but neither was Day’s beforehand. He will be the Schiano/Ash of this merger.

Mattison: Will be taking Grinch’s place as the Co-DC/Quality Control guy, he will be crucial in filling the recruiting void on the East Coast left by Schiano. Defensive philosophies more in line with what Day wants as opposed to Grinch. 

Neither Davis or Johnson will be returning. Washington has absolutely been offered to fill in for Davis, TTUN is fighting to keep him & has offered Mattison’s former job to him. Johnson is expected to be replaced by one of the LSU tandem.

The defensive staff was made aware of the upcoming changes before the bowl game, hence why the Grinch situation seemed to develop so fast as it was already in the making. Grinch and Day didn’t have great chemistry stemming from the struggles of his position group during Day’s time as IHC, Grinch’s whiff on White was looked at as a red flag by both Urban & Day. 

*Obviously the “Johnson” who isn’t expected to return is the guy who wasn’t promoted today*


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