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Wildcat Fan Sentiment on "dOSU"

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November 26, 2018 at 5:42pm

When I was an undergrad in '80, I remember driving to Evanston for the Northwestern Game and seeing a sign that said "Chicago 120" and in purple spray paint below it "Northwestern 0". We whupped the "Mildcats" 63-0 that day and the fanbase never seemed to care; it was a great party. A lot has changed since the Fitzgerald regime took power and the fans are now whipped into a frenzy over the opportunity to destroy those horrid Buckeyes. 

when we win, we are going to be entering into THE golden age of NU athletics. 30 years from now we will be cheering on the Wildcats at Fitzgerald Field in Ryan Stadium with Coach Thorson prowling the sidelines as Fitz makes one last victory lap. Flying in the wind will be multiple Rose Bowl Bannets and a national title or two.

Let’s go! Go Cats!

A more reasonable view followed

I am ok with golden age, I hope we don't end up with a golden shower

But some have taken it a bit farther

Make no mistake - this is no mere football game. This is for all the marbles. A classic showdown of good versus evil. This is the Resistance vs. the Nazis. The Rebellion vs. the Empire. The Israelites vs. the Philistines. Gondor vs. Sauron.

Forget about 'Bama....the Mildcat fans want "Buckeyes"

Otherwise you would understand what Buckeye Hate is, and why everyone who bleeds purple would have it running through their veins.

You would understand why this match up is the one we want as much as Inigo Montoya wanted the 6 fingered man. Why it is the one that we want as much as Khan wanted Kirk. Why Dantes wanted Fernand. Why Ahab wanted Moby Dick. Why Maximus wanted the Emperor. Why Uma Thurman wanted David Carradine in Kill Bill.

Why not throw in scUM level derision for our growing academic prowess

It's not hard to graduate kids when the tutors do the work and write the essays for you, and you are allowed to flee mid-terms and do make-up oral exams not available to non-football players. Not to mention, you take AIDS Awareness and Golf classes, and if you try to transfer to other schools, your credits earned at dOSU don't transfer because they aren't recognized by other universities. And as you have pointed out, they aren't in Columbus to play school.

Clearly, the 'Cat fanbase suffers from the same combination of delusion and condescension syndromes that has wormed its way into the DNA of the scUM faithful. Sorry kitties, this Buckeye team is going to give you just the attention that you seem to crave so dearly.

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