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Comment 27 Oct 2019

Google both and learn. The guy has no moral compass

in the case of Shembo the signs were always there. He was suspended from his High School for throwing a chair at a teacher and yet Kelly recruited him. He was thrown off of the Falcons for kicking and killing a Yorkshire Terrier (his girlfriend’s dog). He claimed that the 15 lb dog bit him

Comment 27 Oct 2019

I’ll give you two reasons: the Prince Shembo assault cover up that caused the death of Lizzie Seeberg, and Brian Kelly’s orders that caused the death of Declan Sullivan. Brian Kelly has permanently sullied the name of the whole institution

i am a Catholic that is permanently disgusted with Notre Dame for continuing to employ Brian Kelly. 

Comment 27 Oct 2019

The academic standards comment is offered without proof or even a reference. I guarantee that you won’t find Wisconsin’s roster loaded with engineering or pre-med majors either. 

Comment 21 Oct 2019

Urbs could have been reacting to what the locker room thought of the tweet. If Parsons really pissed off the team leadership, then the coach had to re-evaluate whether he felt the new guy was going to create a corrosive force in the locker room. But this is speculation. The only people that really know arent talking, and that is fine.

Comment 20 Oct 2019

MGo posters have turned on each other like a pack of bleeding sharks. There’s literally so much verbal “blood in the water” that they don’t know who to bite.

in a word: glorious

Comment 15 Oct 2019

Darling daughter 2 is a buckeye alumna that lives in Chicago. She and her crew (all OSU alums) are cutting out of work early with a few NW grads to go up to Evanston on the train. They’re going to Bat 17 if I remember right.

Comment 05 Oct 2019

I see that we have a sighting of the Walmart “Sharty”: the dumbest of the species Inhabitus Michiganus. Normally found in its hovel in East Landfill, it frequently gets lost and staggers in to Buckeye territory where it is beaten bloody and sent home whining like the Bitch it is

Comment 01 Oct 2019

SoCal resident for 20 years, Toledo born, OSU Alum here

This state has the best weather and greatest natural beauty in the country. It has an entrepreneurial spirit and offers a really unique lifestyle.

it also has the most corrupt politicians, a lack of regard for its citizens and the most corrosive elitism in the country.

i enjoy living here, but am proud to be an Ohioan

Comment 29 Sep 2019

I would have said that it is a reference to HS Football, which has a Freshman team, a Junior Varsity team usually comprised of sophomores and a few Juniors, and of course, the Varsity team. Varsity teams in HS are usually Seniors, a lot of juniors, and the sophomores that will be future stars....and likely headed to play college ball

Comment 24 Sep 2019

The Skunk Weasel Cognoscenti have discovered "Threat Level Michigan" and my favorite reaction is this one. Here is the link https://mgoblog.com/mgoboard/threat-level-michigan-where-we-are-now 

You think a fanbase that systematically and religiously goes out of its way to remove every "M" from every single word, graphic, or tombstone during the month of November; sings "We Don't Give a Damn About the Whole State of Michigan" with more fervor than the Star Spangled Banner; considers Toledo to be a city in Michigan because Upper Peninsula; and, shouts the retort "...And Michigan Still Sucks" every time someone says "It's (you name the time) o'clock in the morning/afternoon/evening" is going to give up their obsession?

They won't even be moderately happy until our next 8 coaches go 0-fer in wins against them and they get to the point where they can run up the score to 100-0 because they had a sense of urgency going into the 4th quarter.

100-0 would only be a good start from my perspective....a mere downpayment for the Cooper years

Comment 22 Sep 2019

My hope is that you guys stick with Patterson, win all of the rest of your games through Indiana, give Harbaugh a 10 year contract in appreciation for his fine body of work, only to have OSU come up to A2 and beat you 62-0

Those of us who lived through the cooper years will never delude ourselves about the pervasive evil in A2