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90's Survivors - Does The Experience Seem Less In Comparison To M...igan Fans of The 00's And/or 10's?

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November 26, 2018 at 7:54am

Thoughts a running like Parris Campbell down a sideline...

Being an Ohio State fan during the 90's/Cooper years was torture - those that lived it need no further affirmation, those that didn't must at least know someone who did.

Took in some light reading at Mgo (not the greatest hits Remy and others have shared here in recent threads) yesterday. That community is busted, to put it mildly.

From the commenting protocols, moderator input, to the overall heavy despair of the forums...it's as bad as I could ever imagine. Schadenfreude is a wonderful thing, and continues to be, but glossing over the emptiness of the responses also took me back to another time.

If 11W had existed back in the 90's I'd likely been shown the door faster than you can say Biakabatuka - it had gotten to the point where I knew the end of November was a given not to go Ohio State's way. I was confused, pissed, and wondered if I'd ever see an Ohio State machine reassembled as a national power as it was under Woody.

Fast forward to the next generation. Looking back now after Saturday's win, have they surpassed a level of hopelessness that I and many of you thought reached two odd decades ago?

There was a point then where they (want to name a specific player, but can't remember who) said The Game wasn't even a rivalry any more - wins over Ohio State were expected and delivered. Seeing enough reads lately to suggest the same, only flipped in our favor.

Unsure how long Harbaugh has left, even with a bowl win he'll enter 2019 on a warm seat at the least (unless Sunday football comes knocking for him again). He was supposed to be their guy, the restorer of tradition, and so forth. FWIW, I don't feel sorry for them in the slightest, and want to see this continue on until I leave this world (preferably after OSU rightfully captures the overall series lead).

So I ask, in comparison, is it worse for the M...igan fan who has lived through 15+ years of near total futility or do those of us who survived the 90's/Cooper years still hold those scars with higher regard?

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